Project work

Synecdochism II <continuity> (2016)

- music, photography and visual art

music performed by recorder, trumpet and percussion

Martin Boverhof, Visual Art

Junichi Takahashi, Photography

Masako Ito, Scenography

Miako Klein, Recorder

Sava Stoianov, Trumpet

David Haller, Percussion

能面:是閑作「増女」(1526? – 1616), 河内作「般若」(1581? – 1657)


Video installation based on Vectorial Projection IV (2008) 

Martin Boverhof, Visual Art

Synecdochism I <impulse> (2008)

with Karate-do Kata performance (film), Stage Design

commissioned by Miako Klein with support of Suite Muziekweek, Amsterdam

music performed by trumpet and recorder

Masako Ito, Stage Deisign

Shin Narita, Karate performance (on screen)

Sava Stoianov, Trumpet

Miako Klein, Recorder

At one’s elbow (2005)

with dance performance

Eliane Krauer and Marta S, Choreograph

Junko Krimoto, Soprano Saxophone

Monica Colominas, Guitar

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